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We raised CHF 180k to simplify programmatic video!

· 3 min read
Jonny Burger

We are delighted to announce that we have raised 180'000 Swiss Francs from Remotion users and customers!

With our first funding, we will make it easier for you to programmatically create videos and video apps. We'll introduce new components, templates and tools to help you build more with less code.

Our investors use Remotion

Our line-up of investors consists of companies and people that use Remotion for fun or to build their businesses.

We are so happy to partner with investors who understand our vision and can help us with relevant connections.

For One Red

Design Studio

Heiko Hubertz

Founder & CEO, Oxolo

Simon Schmid

Product, iubenda

William Candillon

Can it be done in React Native?

Sébastien Lorber

This Week in React, Docusaurus

Nick Dima

Senior Engineering Manager, Musixmatch

Stephen Sullivan


Dominic Monn

Founder, MentorCruise

Jeremy Toeman


Robbie Zhang-Smitheran

Ilya Lyamkin

Senior Software Engineer, Spotify

Lucas Pelloni

Co-Founder, Axelra

Michiel Westerbeek

Co-Founder, Tella

David Salib

Co-Founder, Momento

Making Remotion easier for creatives

The number one feedback that we have heard is that being able to write videos in React is powerful, but simple things can be hard. Fortunately, almost any complexity in React can be abstracted, packaged up, released to NPM and shared with others.

While our low-level primitives will always be here, we will also develop higher-level components solving common needs that people face. This will allow more developers, not just React experts, to use Remotion.

We also encourage our community to create building blocks for Remotion and will sponsor developers as well as help them monetize their work.

Enabling new business opportunities

With the Remotion Player and Remotion Lambda, we provide APIs that allow you to build apps that produce videos for end users.

We have tons of opportunities to make it easier to build an app with Remotion. We are going to release UI elements, SaaS templates and even best practices for payment integration, so companies can realize Remotion solutions faster and with fewer resources.

Why did we "only" raise 180‘000 CHF?

We recognize that startups usually raise more money than we do at an earlier stage. At the same time, they are entering a high risk of failure due to running out of money.

With the amount we have raised, we are not only able to continue but accelerate our operation and grow our company license revenue to confidently stay here for a long time.

Remotion is a thriving community of business customers, creative coders, professional Remotion freelancers and indie hackers whose interest is our long-term success. Our aim is to grow in a healthy way together with our community!

Thank you…

To everybody who tried out Remotion, sent a pull request, tweeted about it or filed a bug. It is a huge thrill to see people believe in the ideas that we put out and we are very privileged to able to continue working on them.