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Region selection


Cloud Run is in Alpha, which means APIs may change in any version and documentation is not yet finished. See the changelog to stay up to date with breaking changes.

Before going live with Remotion Cloud Run, you need to think about into which GCP region you are deploying your service and bucket (which will hold your sites and renders).

This document explains how to select a region and which considerations you need to make.

Available regions

The following GCP regions are available:

  • asia-east1
  • asia-east2
  • asia-northeast1
  • asia-northeast2
  • asia-northeast3
  • asia-south1
  • asia-south2
  • asia-southeast1
  • asia-southeast2
  • australia-southeast1
  • australia-southeast2
  • europe-central2
  • europe-north1
  • europe-southwest1
  • europe-west1
  • europe-west2
  • europe-west3
  • europe-west4
  • europe-west6
  • europe-west8
  • europe-west9
  • me-west1
  • northamerica-northeast1
  • northamerica-northeast2
  • southamerica-east1
  • southamerica-west1
  • us-central1
  • us-east1
  • us-east4
  • us-east5
  • us-south1
  • us-west1
  • us-west2
  • us-west3
  • us-west4

You can call getRegions() or type npx remotion cloudrun regions to get this list programmatically.

Default region

The default region is us-east1.

Selecting a region

There are 3 ways to select a region:

  • When using the Node.JS APIs, you have to pass the region explicitly to each function. Make sure your projects satisfy the Typescript types or follow the documentation.

  • When using the CLI, you can set the region using the REMOTION_GCP_REGION environment variable. It's best to put it in a .env file so you don't forget it sometimes.

  • You can also pass the --region flag to all CLI commands to override the region. The flag takes precedence over the environment variable.


The REMOTION_GCP_REGION environment variable and --region flag do not have an effect when using the Node.JS APIs. You need to pass a region explicitly.

If you don't set a region, Remotion will use the default region.

Which region should I choose?

Note that each region falls into one of two different pricing tiers. Some regions also offer low CO2 intensity electricity usage. The full list of regions per tier is available in the Cloud Run Docs.

Other considerations

  • The Cloud Run service and Cloud Storage bucket should be in the same region to eliminate latency across datacenters.