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Server-Side Rendering

Remotion's rendering engine is built with Node.JS, which makes it easy to render a video in the cloud.

Render a video on AWS Lambda

The easiest and fastest way to render videos in the cloud is to use @remotion/lambda.

Render a video using Node.js APIs

We provide a set of APIs to render videos using Node.js and Bun.
See an example or the API reference for more information.

Render using GitHub Actions

The Hello World starter template includes a GitHub Actions workflow file .github/workflows/render-video.yml.

Commit the template to a GitHub repository.
On GitHub, click the Actions tab.
Select the Render video workflow on the left.
A Run workflow button should appear. Click it.
Fill in the props of the root component and click Run workflow.
After the rendering is finished, you can download the video under Artifacts.

Note that running the workflow may incur costs. However, the workflow will only run if you actively trigger it.

See also: Passing input props in GitHub Actions

Render a video using Docker

See: Dockerizing a Remotion project

Render a video using GCP Cloud Run (Alpha)

Check out the experimental Cloud Run package.

API reference