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The @remotion/renderer package provides APIs for rendering video server-side. The package is also internally used by the Remotion CLI and Remotion Lambda.


The configuration file has no effect when using these APIs.


npm i @remotion/renderer
npm i @remotion/renderer

Also update all the other Remotion packages to have the same version: remotion, @remotion/cli and others.


Make sure no package version number has a ^ character in front of it as it can lead to a version conflict.

Server-side rendering examples

See the Server-side rendering for some examples of how to use server-side rendering.

Available functions

The following APIs are available in the @remotion/renderer package:

What's the difference between renderMedia() and renderFrames()?

In Remotion 3.0, we added the renderMedia() API which combines renderFrames() and stitchFramesToVideo() into one simplified step and performs the render faster. Prefer renderMedia() if you can.