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Render your video

There are various ways to render your video.

Remotion Studio

To render a video, click the " Render" button.
Choose your preferred settings, then confirm using the Render video button.


Render a video using render CLI command:

npx remotion render HelloWorld
npx remotion render HelloWorld

Modify the composition ID to select a different video to render, or add an output path at the end if you want to override the default.

You can leave out the composition name and a picker will be shown:

npx remotion render
npx remotion render


Remotion has a full-featured server-side rendering API. Read more about it on the server-side rendering API.

AWS Lambda

Check out Remotion Lambda.

GitHub Actions

You can also render a video using a GitHub Action.

Google Cloud Run

An official Remotion package for Cloud Run is in development. Register your interest in Discord if you want to be a beta tester.

Remotion Studio deployment

It’s possible to deploy the Remotion Studio onto a long-running server in the cloud, which can then be accessed by your non-technical team members using just a URL. Check out the Deploy the Remotion Studio guide to learn how to do this.



Instead of rendering a video, you can also just export the audio.

Image Sequence

Instead of encoding as a video, you can use the --sequence command to output a series of image.

Still images

If you want a single image, you can do so using the CLI or Node.JS API.


See: Render as GIF

Transparent videos

See: Creating overlays

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