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Still images

Available from v2.3

Remotion is a great solution for rendering thumbnails of videos or dynamic still images too. See our Still template for an easy way to get started.

If you already have a Remotion project, read on how you can render stills.

Defining a still

Use the <Still /> component instead of the <Composition /> one to define a still. The timeline will disappear, and you will not have to define a duration or FPs value.

Rendering via CLI

You can use the npx remotion still command to render a still image. Example command:

npx remotion still --props='{"custom": "data"}' my-comp out.png
npx remotion still --props='{"custom": "data"}' my-comp out.png

You can use the --image-format flag to determine the output format. The default format is png, with jpeg, webp and pdf being the other options.

By default the frame with number of a composition is being rendered, you can control it using the --frame flag.

Rendering using Node.JS

You can use the renderStill() Node.JS API to render a still frame programmatically.

Rendering using serverless

You can use Remotion Lambda to render stills: