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Output scaling

Available from v2.6.7.

Output scaling is useful if you would like to render the video in multiple resolutions in the same aspect ratio.

Example: Your video canvas is in Full HD (1920x1080), but would like to render your video to be in 4k (3860x2160 or 2x).

Remotion can support this higher resolution by setting the deviceScaleFactor of Puppeteer and upscale certain elements.

How to scale

Allowed values

The highest scale possible is 16 (sixteen times higher dimensions on each size or 256 times more pixels).

Positive values below 1 are allowed. For example, 0.5 will half each dimension.

The scale must result in a value that will result in integer pixels. A value of 1.00000001 for a composition with a width of 1920 pixels is not allowed.

For MP4 videos, the scale must resolve in a value where both dimensions are divisible by 2, since the codec does not support odd numbers.

If you would like to downscale a composition from 1920 to 1280 pixels, pass a scale of 2/3 to avoid rounding errors. This does not currently work as a CLI flag.

Scalable elements

Elements that can be upscaled and that will enhance increased resolution are:

  • Text elements
  • SVG elements
  • Images (if their resolution is sufficient to display in a higher resolution)

Elements that cannot be upscaled for increased resolution are:

  • Videos
  • Canvas and WebGL elements