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Authoring a Remotion library

Authoring a Remotion library works the same as authoring a normal React library. Usually, it is being published to GitHub and NPM.

Starter template

Remotion's library starter template is the recommended way to create a library or a component to be used with Remotion. It:

  • correctly packages your library as ESM + CJS
  • has an Remotion Studio instance built in for testing your library
  • correctly defines Remotion as a peer dependency
  • has TypeScript, ESLint and Turborepo configured


You have three options to publish your library:

  • Publishing it for free to NPM: The default for the starter template.
  • Sell it yourself via the NPM Kiosk: See NPM Kiosk for more info.
  • Apply to be listed in the Remotion Store: E-Mail to pitch.

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