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Take and solve bounty issues

Some issues carry cash bounties that you can earn by solving them.

Find bounties

All bounties can be tracked in Remotion’s GitHub Issues. Issues with a bounty have a label 💎 Bounty on them.

Bounties are also announced in the Remotion Discord Server in the #bounties channel.

Taking a bounty

Like a regular issue, you can ask to work on it by commenting on it. For issues with bounties, the Remotion team does a quick screening to see if the experience matches the problem difficulty.

The assignment is done on a first-come-first-served basis.

Only one bounty at a time is assigned to the same contributor.

Before starting to solve the issue

Bounties are paid through a third-party platform (i.e., Algora).

Before you start solving the issue, it’s recommended to create an account on Algora, where you also need to set up and connect your Stripe account. Once you have been assigned the issue and created an account on Algora, you are ready to go.

Start hacking

It's assumed that you start working on the issue within a reasonable time after it has been assigned to you. Getting stuck is not an issue, but you should communicate it. By telling and describing the challenges, you might get some input from the community, which can help you to solve the issue faster.

If there is no update from you for a week, and it looks like the issue is abandoned, we reserve the right to reassign the issue to someone else.

Get help

During Hacktoberfest (i.e., October), the Remotion team provides more guidance, since it is about helping first-time contributors.

The rest of the year, there is less guidance provided when tackling a bounty issue. You are expected to have a basic idea how to solve the issue. Of course, questions can always arise, but there is less hand-holding than during Hacktoberfest.

Acceptance criteria

Every bounty issue has a description of what is expected to be delivered. Everytime, the following is expected as well:

  • Documentation of new options or features
  • Green checks for tests and formatting
  • No console.log and commented out code remaining when you mark the PR as ready

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