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Testing prereleases

If you have received a prerelease version of Remotion, such as4.0.1, this is how you install it:

Replace all packages that are part of Remotion, such as remotion, @remotion/renderer,@remotion/lambda, etc with the version that you have received:

- "@remotion/bundler": "4.0.0" + "@remotion/bundler": "4.0.1"
- "@remotion/renderer": "4.0.0" + "@remotion/renderer": "4.0.1"
- "@remotion/lambda": "4.0.0" + "@remotion/lambda": "4.0.1"
- "remotion": "4.0.0" + "remotion": "4.0.1"

Make sure that you remove the ^ character from the version. If you don't, you get the version with the alphabetically highest hash, which is a random version of Remotion rather than the one you want.

Afterwards, run yarn, npm i or pnpm i respectively.