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Disk size

By default, each Lambda function comes with an ephemereal disk size of 2048MB. This is enough storage to render a video of approximately 32 minutes of Full HD video.

If you want to render longer videos, you can increase the disk size, and potentially also increase the timeout.

Disk space need increases linearly with the length of your video, meaning that for each 8 minutes of Full HD video, you approximately need another 512MB of video.

The minimum disk size is 512MB, and the maximum disk size is 10240MB.

The approximate maximum video duration length is therefore around ~160 minutes at Full HD (not yet practically confirmed).

Disk sizeApproximate Maximum video length
512 MB8 min - 1080p
1024 MB16 min - 1080p
2048 MB (default)32 min - 1080p
4096 MB1h 4min - 1080p
8192 MB2h 8min - 1080p
10240 MB2h 40min - 1080p

These are approximate values and will not exactly match your scenario. Video output size is dependant on the video content and audio. Measure and find the values that work best for you.

Setting the disk size


Using more disk space costs more. See the Lambda pricing page "Lambda Ephemereal Storage Pricing" section for pricing.
The estimatePrice() API does also factor disk size into account.